• question_answerWho is RareLoot?

    We are an official Minecraft Partner, as a Minecraft Partner we develop new content directly for Microsoft and distribute it worldwide through the Minecraft Marketplace.

  • question_answerWhat is the Minecraft Marketplace?

    The Minecraft Marketplace is an integrated store of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition where you can buy additional content using Minecoins. The Minecraft Marketplace is available on all platforms worldwide and is open to millions of users.

  • question_answerHow can I earn money with the Marketplace?

    Many different types of content can be offered for sale in the Marketplace, but sales are restricted to official Minecraft partners only. By partnering with RareLoot, you can sell your content in the Minecraft Marketplace worldwide and on all platforms.

  • question_answerHow does a cooperation with RareLoot look like?

    There are two ways to cooperate with RareLoot, the first method is a direct partnership together, the second method is on a voluntary basis as a freelancer, the next two questions will go into more detail about the individual differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

  • question_answerMethod 1: Partnership

    As a partner you can realize and publish your own ideas, you earn directly and steady on the revenues of your projects. The earnings are paid out on the 1st of the following month, additionally your team benefits from numerous features to manage projects, tasks and earnings, so you don't have to worry about annoying paperwork and can concentrate on your core competencies.

  • question_answerMethod 2: Freelancer

    As a freelancer you will support our activities at short notice and deliver the required content as needed, you will benefit from a fixed and prompt payment, directly after completion the agreed payment will be credited to your account. We are also happy to accept your ideas, but a fixed commitment can not always be granted.

  • question_answerWhat can I sell through the Marketplace?

    In the Marketplace, almost all imaginable content can be offered, which can be created for Minecraft. This includes, for example, skin packs, skin builder items, texture packs, worlds of various types, as well as several combinations of these.

  • question_answerWorld: Survival Spawn

    A survival spawn is a simple world based on a vanilla generated map, designed to enhance the players experience. A typical survival spawn can be a medieval fortress, a modern city, an imaginative magic world or a scary pirate island, there are no limits to the imagination, as long as the player can play the game without restrictions.

  • question_answerWorld: Adventure

    In an adventure map, unlike a survival spawn, the player is given a completely new goal. You can send the player on an adventure according to your ideas, maybe he has to search for a hidden treasure in an ancient Mayan temple complex, glide with Elytras from one flying island to another or uncover the secret of the hidden city of Atlantis deep in the ocean.

  • question_answerWorld: Mini-Game

    Mini-games are meant to provide fun and variety, send the players into an action-packed race, let them compete against each other in a one-on-one battle or test their skills in a parkour made of blocks.

  • question_answerSkin Pack

    Several thematically matching skins can be offered in a pack together, no one wants to have the same skin as another player, moreover, players must also keep up with the times, always follow the latest trend and wear the newest fashion.

  • question_answerTexture Pack

    A texture pack provides a completely new look and makes the game look brand new, a texture pack consists of thousands of different textures, these well combined can enchant the player.

  • question_answerMash-Up

    A Mash-Up is the king discipline of a Minecraft partner, it combines a world, as well as a matching Skin Pack and Texture Pack together and provides a completely new game. This type of content requires the most effort, but at the same time brings the highest revenues.

  • question_answerJava vs. Bedrock Map

    Visually the map does not differ if it was created with the Java or Bedrock edition, but the seeds do not match, which means that newly generated chunks do not match if the world was previously generated with the other edition. So to create a survival spawn for the Bedrock Edition, we first have to generate a vanilla map in the Bedrock edition and convert it to the desired Java version. Once the map is built, we can convert it back to the Bedrock Edition, removing unnecessary chunks and reducing the map to a minimum. Note that there are no changes to the trimmed chunk borders, otherwise they would create optical errors after trimming and converting.

  • question_answerWhat can not be sold?

    Unfortunately, there are also a few things that can not be sold, we divided into two categories, the first category includes everything that does not meet the guidelines of Microsoft, including depictions of war, murder, sexuality, religion, hatred and racism, all content must be approved for USK 6 and PEGI 7. Second category is all content that technically can not be sold, this includes content for the Minecraft Java Edition, such as plugins, mods, etc., because they do not have access to the Marketplace, content such as images, logos and videos, as well as content that is protected by copyright.

  • question_answerHow much money can I make with it?

    The Minecraft Marketplace is accessible worldwide and on all platforms and is therefore available to millions of players. Exact numbers cannot be disclosed due to the non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft, but it surpasses any revenues of traditional Minecraft stores.

  • question_answerHow long does the process take to publish?

    Until the content is published it has to go through a few stages, at the beginning every project is in the planning stage, once the concept is defined it goes on with in progress, in this stage the content is created as well as necessary marketing elements, once all elements are gathered the project can be packaged and submitted. The first stage after submission is quality control, in this stage we check the content for common errors and prepare the content for Microsoft's content review, in this stage the project is checked for compliance with the guidelines, if this is successfully completed it goes on with certification. In the certification the content is checked for functionality and this on several devices, if this stage is also completed the project can be published, for this you may choose a suitable release date and as soon as this is reached you will be informed about the successful release.

  • question_answerHow does the packaging work?

    During packaging, all necessary content is gathered and placed in a specific folder structure, thumbnail, panorama, screenshots, etc. are adapted to the required formats, manifest files are created, and display texts in various languages are defined. Finally, the structure is packed into a ZIP file, given a version number and validated online.

  • question_answerWill our name be displayed?

    Yes, in the description of the product it will be shown who created it, it is also possible to add your logo to the thumbnail.

  • question_answerHow long does the payout take?

    Rareloot invoices on a monthly basis. This means that all of the project's income and therefore your profits are updated monthly. To receive your earnings, you can find the "Withdraw" button on the website under the "Earnings" section. If you click on this button, the payment process will be executed; receipt of payment can take up to 30 days.